Postgrad seminar programme Semester 1 & 2 2017/18

Postgrad Seminar Semester 2, 2017
Dec 15 2016 Posted: 15:38 GMT

2017/18 Semester 1 & 2 Seminars

Graduate Research Seminars in History, 2017-18

Venue : Hardiman Building: The Bridge Seminar Room, Room 1001, First Floor.

Wednesdays 4 pm - 5 pm

27 September  John Mc Cafferty, UCD

Nosebleeds, Tears and Italianted Hearts : Thinking about the History of Emotions on the Seventeenth-Century Irish Mission

4 Oct Darragh Gannon ( Queen's Univeristy Belfast)

Between Irish Party and British Politics; the Home Rule movement in Gt. Briatain, 1916-18.

18 Oct. Mel Farrell (UCD)

From Cymann na NGaedheal to Fine Gael : 'Civil War Politics' and the foundation of the United Ireland Party in September 1933.

25 Oct Wayne te Brake ( Purchase College, SUNY)

Making Religious Peace in Early Modern Europe : An Irish Perspective.

8 Nov Lorraine Grimes ( NUIG)

" I will do anything...rather than keep it or return to my own country" : The emigraton of Irish unmarried mothers to Liverpool and Birmingham, 1923-48.

22 Nov Ian Kenneally ( NUIG)

Editing the first draft of history - the challenge of producing Ireland's Revolution Papers, 2016-1 7



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