We offer History at undergraduate level as part of the Bachelor of Arts (Joint-Honours) degree,‌ or on the Bachelor of Arts (History) degree. ‌‌We also offer the Diploma in History, for those interested in part-time and evening courses.‌  

‌The attraction of History is that it is about people: it concerns the totality of human experience in times past.‌The purpose of the undergraduate history course in Galway is to develop an understanding of the complexity of historical events and the processes of change in human society over the centuries, and to acquire the ability to communicate this understanding orally and in writing.‌‌ Students of History consider not only the economies, societies and political systems that were forged in different places at different times, they also study the ideas that were expressed, the art and literatures produced, and the responses made by men and women to the various problems that confronted them during their lives. History is therefore not only a recognised academic subject in its own right, but one that enriches the experience of every other discipline.

In the course of their programme, students will learn to examine historical documents, weigh conflicting pieces of evidence, and assess the relative merits of differing interpretations. These skills train them in problem-solving and enable the development of a critical understanding.


Recommended light reading

We have produced a list of staff recommendations, if you are looking for suggestions for light historical reading outside term-time.