Strzelecki Exhibition Launch Symposium

Jun 15 2023 Posted: 15:16 IST


Strzelecki Exhibition Launch Symposium‌‌

3pm-6pm, Wed., 27 Sept. 2023

Room G010, Hardiman Research Building, NUI Galway


3:00-3:05         Opening Remarks


3:05-3:35         Dr. Emily Mark-Fitzgerald (UCD) and Prof. Peter Gray (QUB)

Commemorating Paul Strzelecki (1797-1873): Australian Explorer and Irish Humanitarian


3:35-3:55         Dr. Róisín Healy (University of Galway)

Famine on Strzelecki’s Doorstep: Starving Poles in Partitioned Poland


3:55-4:15         Prof. Breandán MacSuibhne (University of Galway)

‘The greatest weapon for taming either the bold or the timid'? The Effects of Hunger in the Great Famine


4:15-4:40         Tea/Coffee


4:40-4:55         Dr. Niall Ó Ciosáin (University of Galway)

Private charity and public relief during the Great Famine


4:55-5:10         Dr. John Cunningham (University of Galway)

Feeding the Children: Pawel Strzelecki, the British Relief Association, and the National Schools


5:10-5:30         Aoife O’Leary McNeice (University of Exeter)

‘To preserve from moral evils and promiscuous assemblages’: female relief workers and the Great Famine 


5:30                 Exhibition Launch