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MSc in Health Psychology Student Guide 2022 - 2023

Health Psychology Sems 2 2324

The general aims of the course are:

  • To equip graduates with a comprehensive knowledge base in health psychology, at postgraduate level
  • To train students to conduct high quality research in the area of health psychology
  • To prepare students to undertake future professional training in health psychology and other areas of psychology, such as clinical psychology.
  • The specific course objectives are as follows:
  • To impart specialist knowledge of core theoretical issues, principles and methods in health psychology
  • To support the development of research skills and research competencies relevant to health psychology and health-related settings in general
  • To enable students to reflect on the application of research evidence to health, illness & health care
  • To support students in the development of an ethical approach to their work and to increase awareness of professional responsibilities and the importance of scientific integrity.
  • To support the development of communication skills (written and oral) and the dissemination of research
  • To help students understand the broader context in which they work.
How is the programme delivered?

The programme is delivered across three academic terms (Semester 1, Semester 2, and the Summer Term). Semesters 1 and 2 contain a number of taught modules, which are assessed based on coursework, continuous assessment assignments and written exams. Throughout both Semesters 1 and 2 and the Summer Term, students carry out and report on a significant piece of supervised research, which comprises a Minor Dissertation.

In addition, to the dissertation, other forms of assessment include exams, essays, reports, a literature review and oral presentations.

Will I get a job?

The MSc in Health Psychology at NUI, Galway is the only Masters programme of its type in Ireland and has a long-established reputation for producing excellent graduates (since its inception in 1994).

Given the strong academic and research basis of this programme, this qualification has relevance for working in a diverse range of settings. Previous graduates have gained employment in research posts and health service evaluation. Other opportunities include working with health authorities or voluntary organisations, that provide support, education and training to those with health-related difficulties. Graduates may also find employment in the area of health promotion or health education.

In addition to helping to prepare for employment in which a background in psychology is an advantage, the MSc in Health Psychology also provides an excellent foundation for further postgraduate study. Some previous students have progressed to PhD studies, and have gained employment in Universities and other higher education settings (eg. teaching psychology to health professionals or those in training, as well as psychology students and/or conducting research). Others have pursued studies in Clinical Psychology, with Clinical-Health Psychology a potential route in which to specialize.