Volunteering is an excellent way to:

  • Meet new people and fun
  • Be part of community and make an impact
  • Expand on your learning and skills
  • Develop personally, professionally and civiclly


ALIVE is the University of Galway's Student Volunteering Programme

ALIVE is dedicated to supporting students to engage in positive volunteering experiences in communities across Galway and beyond. We help match student volunteers to community projects, provide training to enhance volunteering experiences, and recognise commitment through awards.

ALIVE connects students to volunteering projects:

  • off campus: charities, schools, hospitals, non-profit groups and communities
  • on campus: peer to peer mentoring, health programmes, social enterprises

Through a wide range of volunteer roles, that fit into student schedules and life, ALIVE assists students who want to develop tangible and transferable skills while they are gaining practical volunteering experience.

Volunteer Roles

Visit the ALIVE website to create your volunteer profile, learn about volunteering and sign up to volunteer. Log your volunteer hours and learning experiences to earn recognition.

Twice a year both campus based and local organisations exhibit in Aras na Mac Leinn at the Volunteering Fair to connect with students in order to:

  • Showcase volunteer opportunities
  • Demonstrate the work and career opportunities with the non-profit sector
  • Highlight community engagement and active citizenship

Check out the Annual Volunteering Fair


The President's Award for Student Volunteers

Volunteering is celebrated at the University of Galway and we annually come together as a community to award student volunteers and celebrate student engagement with community partners.

Learn more about the President's Award for Student Volunteers


Where can you volunteer?

There is a wide range of volunteering opportunities available for NUI Galway students including,

  • Volunteering on campus
  • Volunteering off campus

Volunteering on campus

There are a number of ways you can volunteer on campus, including:

Volunteering off campus

As an NUI Galway student, you can volunteer with a huge variety of community organisations, in thematic areas like:

  • Education
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Environment/Animal Welfare
  • International
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Arts/Culture/Media
  • Human Rights/Social Justice
  • Community

We have a dedicated website to connect you with all these opportunities and enable you to build a portfolio of volunteering.

You can see the full list of volunteering opportunities at the ALIVE website here.


Gaisce Award


At NUI Galway you can achieve your Gaisce award with the support of our Gaisce PALs in ALIVE.



Learn more

For more information on ALIVE, contact:

Lorraine Tansey, ALIVE Coordinator

  • Visit ALIVE in Aras na Mac Leinn
  • Email alive@nuigalway.ie
  • Sign up to volunteer at nuigalway.ie/alive