Conferring Parchments

The parchment or scroll received by the graduand at the conferring ceremony is a National University of Ireland parchment. 

This parchment is in the language of  Latin for all degrees and diplomas awarded.  The exceptions are the awards of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Certificates which are English.

Please ensure your name is correct on our database as this will be the name that will appear on your Conferring parchment.

Please refer to your Registration Statement or Transcript of Results to check this and if it is incorrect, contact the Student Registry Helpdesk at Student Registry Helpdesk - University of Galway

In Absentia

(unable to attend conferring ceremony)

If you are unable to attend the conferring ceremony you will be conferred In Absentia and your parchment will be posted to your home address within 2 weeks of the ceremony.  
Please note: if you have not received your parchment, you must notify us within 3 months of your conferral date in order to receive a replacement parchment.  After this you must contact the NUI directly at

Change of Address

Please update your information should you have a change of home address.  This can be done via the the Student Registry Helpdesk at Student Registry Helpdesk - University of Galway

Duplicate Parchments

Should you require a copy of your parchment or an English version please contact the NUI directly:

Authenticating Parchments

The parchment you will receive on your conferring day is a certified copy from the National University of Ireland.  Should you require your parchment to be apostilled / authenticated, please contact the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade at

Information on Notarising:

Requests for Visa Applications and Employment

Should you require a letter of confirmation of an upcoming conferring ceremony for Visa Application or employment purposes, we will facilitate this request.  

Please email indicating full name, student ID number and course completed and purpose of confirmation letter.

Results Transcripts / Statement of Graduation / Statement of Registration

Graduates may request a copy of their results transcripts for one or more years.
Graduates may request a statement of graduation.  
These can be requested directly from the Student Registry Helpdesk at the following email address: 


Diploma Supplements

Diploma supplements are produced and posted by the Conferring Office.

What is the Diploma Supplement ?

The Diploma Supplement (DS) is a document accompanying a higher education diploma, providing a standardized description of the nature, level, context, content and status of the studies completed by its holder. 
This document provides information additional to the official award documents, such as: the skills and competences acquired; the level of the qualification; and entry requirements and access opportunities to the next level of education.  It also explains the Irish educational system and references the qualification against the European Qualifications Framework

It is produced by the higher education institutions according to standards agreed by the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO. The Diploma Supplement is also part of the Europass framework transparency tools.
The supplement is designed as an aid to help (but not guarantee) recognition – it is not a CV or a substitute for the original qualification.
Please see the below links for more information:

Diploma Supplement FAQs

It is possible to get an explanation of particular sections of the Diploma Supplement:

Section 2.2 Main field(s) of study for the qualification (disciplines)

Shows only the major field(s) of study (disciplines) that define the main subject area(s) for the qualification.  The International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED 2011) fields of education is used -

Section 3.1 National Framework of Qualifications level and Award Type

For a detailed definition of the National Framework of Qualifications levels and Award Types
please go to:

Section 4.2    Programme requirements

Please refer to websites below for detailed information on Programme requirements :

Section 6.1    Additional Information

Refers to some of the academic and non-academic achievements attained such as the University Scholar and the Presidential Award.  Please refer to websites below for detailed information:

What are ECTS?

The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System is a student-centred system based on the student workload required to achieve the objectives of a programme, objectives preferably specified in terms of the learning outcomes and competences to be acquired. Further information can be found at

What are credits?

A credit system is a systematic way of describing an educational programme by attaching credits to its components. The definition of credits in higher education systems may be based on different parameters, such as student workload, learning outcomes and contact hours.

What is the Bologna Process?

Please go to  for more information.

How do I query the content of a Diploma Supplement I have received ?

Contact the University of Galway Conferring Office via email:
Please quote full name and student ID number (which is listed on the Diploma Supplement) and details of your query in relation to the Diploma Supplement received.

Who is eligible to receive a Diploma Supplement ?

All graduates who have completed a taught programme of learning based on a minimum of 60 credits receive a Diploma Supplement.  

Diploma Supplements are not available for postgraduate taught courses prior to 2014; they are not available for postgraduate research courses prior to Winter Conferrings 2019.  

When are they produced and where are they sent ?

Diploma Supplements are available after each Graduation and are posted to the home address of the graduate.