Design Your Life Launches at University of Galway

Sep 11 2022 Posted: 21:27 IST

For the first time, University of Galway undergraduate students are being offered the chance to take part in a Design Your Life module within the curriculum. ‌

Using Stanford University California’s Design Your Life methodology, this module will help students develop their skills and figure out what their interests, talents and curiosities are, and envision what their future work life might be. As well as professional insight, this new module will give students the concepts and skills to support their personal, emotional and physical wellbeing, helpful in navigating life at college and after graduation. 

This module will be run by Dr Tony HallSchool of Education and Designing Futures Success Coaches Larissa Lamb  and Denise McBride. 

Designing Futures is a transformational education programme, unique in Ireland. This programme has been designed to empower, educate and support students to lead better lives and succeed in the complex world we live in. Designing Futures will ensure University of Galway's position as a leader in innovative, student-centred and enterprise-engaged education in Europe and internationally. 

Key to the Designing Futures programme is the creation of unique transdiciplinary teaching modules, engaging students from all disciplines in research projects (VIPs), empowering student skills and strenghts development with Student Success Coaching and enhancing their innovative mindset with the student innovation hub, IdeasLab

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