Student Success Coaching - Helping Students Thrive

Oct 26 2022 Posted: 10:13 IST

Student Success Coaches at University of Galway, support students to achieve their unique academic, personal and life goals during their undergraduate years. 

The coaching programme is currently available to students across the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Students (CASSCS) and the College of Science and Engineering (CSE).  Through personal coaching as well as through curricular and extra-curricular workshops, students develop personal and professional skills to complement their subject specific skills.

Coaching is provided through one to one sessions or group sessions.  It can help students make decisions and encourage sthem to learn more about themselves and how they can succeed in achieving their goals.  A key focus in 1-1 coaching is helping students to recognise their strengths and natural talents.  In this way, their attention is brought to what they do well as they look for opportunities to build on those strengths. 

All coaches are trained to administer the Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment. Students are excited about the insights gained through this approach and the positive perspective it develops.  According to Gallup (Companion Guide 2022) ‘The most effective way to develop and empower people is to help them use their strengths’. Undergraduate students in CASSCS and CSE can avail of Student Success Coaching throughout their time at University of Galway. 

Inspired by programmes created by Stanford University, Student Success Coaches offer curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular workshops in ‘Design Your Life’ (DYL).  Employing a design thinking approach, DYL emphasizes learning by doing and enables students to make the most of their university experience.  Through this framework and tools, students cultivate design thinking mindsets, enhance skills, increase self-awareness and creatively collaborate with other students, building a greater sense of connection with each other and to the university community.  Workshop themes include odyssey planning, goal setting, ideation techniques, designing to increase balance and energy, recognising strengths, team roles and teamwork, workview and decision making.  This innovative way of engaging students builds self-efficacy as students grow in confidence and take action to build a purposeful and fulfilling life.  A programme of open DYL workshops is also offered and is available to university students in all colleges.

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