Welcome from Professor Gerry Mac Ruairc

As we come out of what has been a very difficult and strange period in our collective lifetimes and as we look forward to starting afresh and beginning a new chapter in our lives let me welcome you to the School of Education website. The School of Education, University of Galway, is comprised of two disciplines – the discipline of Education and the discipline of Children’s Studies. Both disciplines in the School focus on the lives of children and young people and both recognise the transformative potential of our scholarly endeavour on the future lives of children and young people in schools and consequently on the well-being, efficacy and success of individuals, communities and society more broadly.

Our mission in the School is to respond to this opportunity by engaging with innovative, inclusive and impactful practice in all domains of our work.

Thank you for visiting our webpage, please spend some time exploring what we do. We have a number of different courses and a range of different research projects. Please follow up on anything if you need more information. We are always delighted to talk about our work so please get in touch.

Prof. Gerry Mac Ruairc, Established Professor of Education, School of Education, University of Galway.


The School of Education, NUI Galway is highly active in educational research and we have a range of funded research projects across our three themes:

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