The ENLIGHT Research and Innovation Agenda with and for Society (RISE) project aims at establishing the foundations and initiating the implementation of a common research and innovation (R&I) agenda within the ENLIGHT European University Alliance, in synergy with its educational component, in partnership with its surrounding ecosystems (companies, governments, civil society).

The RISE project objectives are to:

  •                 establish joint R&I actions
  •                 identify research synergies among partners
  •                 share digital infrastructures
  •                 mainstream Open Science practices and public engagement
  •                 improve opportunities for early career researchers
  •                 improve impact-driven R&I practices

See here for funding opportunities and other initiatives.

The RISE project has focussed on supporting the research community in the ENLIGHT network. Here are some of the collaborative projects where University of Galway research teams have joined with our ENLIGHT partners. 

For more information on opportunities please contact the ENLIGHT team;