On the Day of the Exam FAQ

I cannot attend my exam / I am sick for an exam: what should I do?

I have a query about deferring an exam, who should I contact?

If I have to repeat an exam, are marks capped at 40%?

Can I bring a dictionary into the exam?

What permitted material may I bring in to the exam?

In the case of permitted material, is highlighted text allowed?

In the case of permitted material, are post-its (or similar) allowed as bookmarks?

In the case of permitted material, can I bring in a photocopy/print of an excerpt of the material?

Can students write in pencil?

Can I bring a medical device into the exam hall e.g. glucometer (a medical device for determining the approximate concentration of glucose in the blood)?

Where I can leave my belongings during the exam?

What if I cannot find my student ID card?

Can I leave the exam venue before the exam is over?

I missed my exam; who should I contact?


Ventilation in the Exam Hall

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