Most HBSC information resides in the public domain and may be used without restriction. There is no legal requirement for users to acknowledge or credit HBSC, but most do as a professional courtesy and to avoid unintended plagiarism. To acknowledge or credit HBSC as an information source, please use the guidelines below.

  • (Product or data name) produced by/courtesy of HBSC Ireland, NUI Galway, funded by the Department of Health.
  • HBSC data compiled by the HBSC Ireland Team, NUI, Galway, funded by the Department of Health.
  • HBSC Ireland (product or data name) was/were used in compiling this information. HBSC Ireland is funded by the Department of Health
Optional Statement

The following statement may be added after an acknowledgement:            
The HBSC Ireland homepage is

Full Acknowledgement

The official title of the survey/study (as appropriate) is: 
“Health Behaviour in School-aged Children: WHO Collaborative Cross-National survey/study (HBSC)”.

HBSC is an international study carried out in collaboration with the World Health Organization, Regional Office for Europe (WHO/EURO). The International Coordinator of the HBSC study is Dr Joanna Inchley, University of Glasgow, Scotland. The Data Bank Manager is Professor Oddrun Samdal, University of Bergen in Norway. For details, see In Ireland, HBSC is conducted under the supervision of Professor Saoirse Nic Gabhainn, NUI Galway, and funded by the Department of Health.