The Biostatistics Unit has been in operation since the creation of the HRB CRFG in 2008 and has provided statistical support to numerous clinical and translational researchers. It is comprised of several statisticians who are engaged in a variety of activities. These include: 

  • The data processing and statistical analysis of regulated clinical trials (in collaboration with the data management team at CRFG). 
  • Collaborative and methodological research in biostatistics, resulting in contributions to fields such as population health, the analysis of observational data and translational statistics (in collaboration with the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Mathematics).  

  • Publications in leading international high impact statistical and medical journals.

In addition to this, we support the HRB CRFG education portfolio, delivering lectures for “Introduction to Biostatistics I” and “Introduction to Biostatistics II” as part of the taught MSc in Clinical Research, along with a variety of other lectures and statistical courses to other departments at NUIG. Likewise, we co-supervise postgraduate research degrees to MSc, MD and PhD level. 

Researchers at the Biostatistics Unit also collaborate with and support principal investigators from several research groups at NUIG in preparation of grant applications, study design, sample size calculations and statistical analysis. They are also recipients of grants, including an HRB Emerging Investigator Award (EIA) for work on causal inference in population health, and an SFI COVID Rapid Response award to examine the effects of COVID- related public interventions in Ireland. 

If you would like to get in touch, please send us an email to to discuss potential future collaboration.