While funding agencies have their own deadlines, please take note below of the important internal deadlines required for proposal support. It's important to note that strict internal deadlines are in place for the benefit of researchers. These allow time for budget review, proposal review and proposal preparation support.

Clinical Research Facility (CRF) - 4 weeks regulated clinical trial where NUI Galway is sponsor (drug or medical device). 3 weeks for non-interventional clinical study.

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How Clients Access HRB-CRFG Services

To seek an expression of interest for our participation in a commercial or externally funded research project, please email crfg@nuigalway.ie with details of the proposal, the indicative therapeutic area and a proposed local Investigator (if known).

To make an application for use of the HRB-CRFG Services and Supports, please complete our initial feasibility evaluation form and submit to the HRB-CRFG at crfg@nuigalway.ie. You will be contacted in due course by the relevant member of the team to discuss the proposal.

Download the HRB-CRFG application form here.

The HRB-CRFG Core, the relevant Service Unit Manager, associated Investigators, Research Cluster Lead and local governance structure as applicable, shall undertake a review of proposed studies and activities for inclusion in the Cluster or Unit portfolio.

Note: please include all funding details available. Where there is currently no direct funding available for the proposed study or service, please see below.

The HRB-CRFG is an academic research organisation and is dependent on ongoing funding from a variety of streams to sustain our research programmes, contribute to an evolving clinical research environment and support our academic research community and business partners. Services provided by the HRB-CRFG require appropriate project or service unit-specific funding to sustain activity. At intervals, we recognise there will be a need for advisory or specialist input into research activities, for which there is limited or no funding available at that time. In particular, HRB-CRFG Core provides advice and support for study feasibility and operations and for investigators preparing research proposals. In support of the academic community, the HRB-CRFG can consider special requests for unfunded service provision. On submission of details as outlined here, the HRB-CRFG Management Team along with the Research Cluster or Support Service Unit Lead will make an initial assessment of the request. Mode of evaluation and decision to proceed will be based on the request.

Please note that appropriate time must be given to the team at the HRB-CRFG and affiliates to consider such requests.

Process for Feasibility Review of Proposed Studies/Trials

Industry Process Flowchart - From PI Proposal to HRB-CRFG Adoption

Academic Process Flowchart – From PI Proposal to HRB-CRFG Adoption