About the Study

Urine SampleIn the IMAGE project, the research team will develop a sensitive analytical method for analysing glyphosate and AMPA in the urine samples. This study will collect urine samples from Irish families, parents and children to evaluate environmental exposures to glyphosate and its main metabolite Aminomethylphosphonic acid (AMPA). The project will collect one urine sample from each of the two parents and a child (6-17 years of age) within a home. Urine samples will be collected from 50 non-farm families and at a minimum an additional 20 farm families. Glyphosate and AMPA concentrations will be used to estimate human exposure to this chemical via food, water and from work activities (farmers) and exposure from living with pesticide users (farm family). Exposure values will be compared to existing studies on glyphosate and evaluated to reference values established by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).


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