IT Change Management


Formal IT Change Management was introduced at NUI Galway in early 2014 in line with the IT Strategy for the university. IT Change Management is an industry-standard process designed to ensure full visibility along with managed prioritisation & funding of IT change across the university so that benefits from change are maximised. At the heart of the process is the Request for Change Form ‌– it prompts for relevant information, sufficient to allow a request to be adequately described in preparation for review. Before an RFC is submitted, the requestor and ISS discuss the change. ISS then completes the form and informs the requestor. Review is carried out by the Change Review Board (CRB), currently meeting monthly, see below. Feedback to requestors is provided at or shortly after the meeting. CRB activity based on the Change Pipeline (a list of all change requests and their current status) is reported on at the IT Planning & Priority committee meetings. This new committee (first meeting June 2014) has oversight of the process and has approved a number of large scale IT changes (programmes, each incorporating a number of projects), in accordance with the IT Strategy for the university.


IT Change Management diagram

IT Change Management diagram describes the change process visually for ISS customers. (Service Desk tickets for a specific IT issue or a request for e.g., software or a node connection remain separate to the IT Change Management process.)


Change Review Board meetings

The Change Review Board (membership is the Director & Deputy Director of ISS and the ISS Senior Management Team) meets monthly on the third Wednesday of each month. Inevitably this pattern will need to change from time to time so the date of the next meeting will be displayed on this page.


Date of next CRB meeting: Wednesday 12 December 2016.



Reporting on the Change Pipeline will be provided here in the coming months as the process matures.



Queries & feedback

Please send any queries or feedback on this process to Sinéad Ní Fhaoláin (, Head of Programme Office & Governance, Information Solutions & Services.


October 2015