IT Change Management

‌IT Change Management

‌IT Change Management was introduced at University of Galway in early 2014 in line with the IT Strategy for the University.  This industry standard process is designed to support decision making and transparency around IT change.

Request for Change 

At the heart of the process is the Request for Change (RFC) form, which enables provision of key information such as a description of the change, funding, resources required, risks and dependencies.  RFC details are discussed and agreed upon between the ISS customer and ISS business contact.  

The ISS business contact submits the RFC on behalf of the customer for consideration at the next Change Review Board (CRB) meeting.

Change Review Board 

The Change Review Board consists of the Director of ICT, Deputy Director of ISS and the ISS Senior Management Team.  

The Board meet monthly to consider:

  • IT Project Activity
  • Requests for Change  
  • Projects Pipeline
  • Projects Resourcing

Meetings are formal and minuted accordingly.  Colleagues are informed of RFC decisions promptly post CRB meetings.  

IT Change Management Diagram


Flowchart of the Change Management Process as described here

IT Change Management diagram describes the change process visually for ISS customers.

Please note that Service Desk tickets for a specific IT issue or a request, for example for software or network connection, remain separate to the IT Change Management process.