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Some software links are being updated, for an up to date list click here


Academic Web Services
Adobe - How to open an Adobe (PDF) file in the PC Suites
Adobe software
Address - Email Address Format
Address-Secondary address - Staff Email
Address (Home/Term) - Student Address Change request
Administrator Rights - Windows
Akari - Curriculum Management
All-Staff Email
All-Student Email
Anti-virus ePolicy Orchestrator Agent - (EPO agent)
Anti-virus for Staff
Anti-virus for Students
Applications (Software/Students)
Assistive Technology

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Balance - How to Check Print Credit Balance
Birth (Date of) - Student Change request
Booking (PC Suites for Classes)
Booking (PC Suites for Exam)
Business Innovation Centre - Desktop Support Services
Buying (Computer, Printer, Other)

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Campus Map - University of Galway Interactive Campus Map
CASS - Staff
CASS - Student
Change Name - Student Name Change request
Change Address - Student Address Change request
Clear browser cache
Code of Conduct
College/Committee Intranets (Off-campus access)
Colour printing
Computer Account - External E account
Computer Account - Staff account
Computer Account - Student account
Computer Account - Temporary T account
Computer Image - Staff Computer Image
Computer Name - How to find
Computer (Staff Computer Scheme)
Computer ( Standard Computer Hardware Specification)
Conference Telephone (Temporary)
Connect a Departmental Networked Printer
Content Management System (CMS)
Copy Cost - PrintPoint Print-Copy-Scan Costs
Cost - PrintPoint Print-Copy-Scan Costs
Credit - How to Check Print Credit Balance
Curriculum Management - (Akari) 

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Data and Intellectual Property Protection Overview - Student Email
Data Encryption
Data Protection Policy - University of Galway
Date of Birth - Student Change request 
Departmental Networked Printer - How to Connect
Device Connection
DHCP- How to enable DHCP
Disposal of Old Computer Equipment
DANte (Business Intelligence/Data Analytics)
Domain Name Change
Duplex (double-sided) - Printing
Dynamics CRM 

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E (External) account - Computer Account
eduroam Wireless Service
Email Address - Format
Email Address - change of email address University User Records system
Email Address - change email address to Irish format
Email Address - change email address from maiden to married name
Email Address - Postgraduate Research Student Email Address
Email Address (What is my email Address?) - (Staff)
Email - Global Address List (GAL)
Email - Secondary address - Staff Email
Email - Shared mailbox - Staff Email
Email - Staff Message/Attachment size limit
Email  - Student Message/Attachment size limit
Email for Staff
Email for Students
Email Quota - Staff
Email to All-Staff
EndNote Personal License Order Form
EndNote Web
Energy - Saving
ePolicy Orchestrator Agent - (EPO agent)
Ethernet Address - How to find
Ethernet Cable
Exams -  Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)
External E account - Computer Account

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Financial System
Firewall - Windows Firewall 
Format - Email Address Format
Forwarding - Student Email
 Free Seat Information (PC Suites)
 Fraudulent e-mail: Phishing

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GAL - Global Address List 

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Hardware - Standard Computer Specification
HP4250 Printer - Instructions to set Sleep Mode

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Image - Staff Computer Image
IMEI number - Telecommunications

InfoPath (Microsoft)
Innovation Centre - Desktop Support Services 
Intellectual (and Data) Property Protection Overview - Student Email
IP Address - How to find on a MAC machine
IP Address - How to find on a Windows machine
Irish Language Resources for computers
ISS Service Desk Ticketing System
IT Security 

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LCD Screen
LEAS - Linux Environment for Academic Studies - Unavailable
Leavers: Staff leaving NUI Galway
Lecture Theatre Computers
Local Windows Profile Name - How to find
Logging a call

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MAC/Ethernet Address - How to find 
Machine Name - How to find

Mail Forwarding - Student Email

Map - University of Galway Interactive Campus Map 
McAfee VirusScan
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) - Exams
Microsoft Campus Agreement 
Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool M.S.R.
Microsoft Office for Mac
Microsoft Office Update for Mac
Microsoft PowerBI
Microsoft Windows
Mobile Broadband - Staff
Mobile Broadband – Student
Mobile Phones
Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) - Exam 

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Name (Computer Name) - How to find
Name - Student Name Change request

Network connection
Network connection speed  Windows 7 /  Macintosh
Networked Printer - How to connect a Departmental Networked Printer
Node Move Form
Device Name - How to find

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Office 365
Office for Mac (Microsoft)

Old Computer Equipment (Disposal)
OneDrive (Microsoft)
Online Payslips
Open Access Hours - PC Suites
Opening Hours
Operating System - How to find on Windows
Operating System - How to find on MACOrientation Presentation - ISS
Outlook Web Access - Staff
Outlook Web Access - Students

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Passwords - Staff
Passwords - Students
Payslips Online
PC Suite-  Booking a PC Suite for a class
PC Suite - Booking a PC Suite for an exam
PC Suite - Free Seat Information
PC Suite - Open Access Hours
PC Suite - Printing
PC (Staff Computer Scheme)
Phishing: Fraudulent Email
Phones - Mobile Phones
Phones - Landline
Phones - Temporary Conference Telephone
Physical/Ethernet Address - How to find 
PowerBI (Microsoft)
Presentation - ISS Orientation Presentation
Print Release Stations
Printer HP4250 - Instructions to set Sleep Mode
Printing - Colour
Printing - Connecting to the Release Queues from a networked PC or Laptop
Printing - Cost
Printing - Duplex (double-sided)
Printing - How to connect a Departmental Networked Printer
Printing - Multi-Function Printer (MFP)
Printing - PC Suite
Printing - Print Credit
Printing -  Print Credit Refund Policy
Printing - Wireless
Print Service - How staff can attach to a printer on Print Service
Profile Name - How to find the Local Windows Profile Name
Property Protection ( Data and Intellectual ) Overview - Student Email
Protection (Data) Policy - NUI Galway
Proxy Configuration
Purchasing (Computer, Printer, Other)

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Refund Policy - Print Credit
Remote Access
Reporting a Problem
Request for Software
Reset your Browser back to Default Settings

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Saving Energy

Screen Shot Windows / Macintosh 
Server (Virtual)
Service Desk
Service Desk Ticketing System
Shared mailbox - Staff Email

SharePoint - How to create a site
Instructions to set Sleep Mode - HP4250 Printer 
Scan Cost - PrintPoint Print-Copy
Software Request 
Software - Students
Software - Staff
Specification ( Standard Computer  Hardware Specification)
Staff Affinity Scheme (Mobile Phone & Mobile Broadband)
Staff - All Staff Email
Staff - Computer Account
Staff Computer Image
Academic Staff Computer Scheme
Staff Email
Staff Intranet
Staff leaving NUI Galway
Staff number
Staff Offers
Storage Provisioning Service
Student Email Procedure
Student - Computer Account
Student Name Change request
Student Address (Home/Term) Change request
Student Date of Birth Change request
Email and Microsoft 365
Student Email Forwarding
Student Offers
Supplier Account Managers for Procurement Contract (CON111)Back To Top


Technology Transfer Office/Business Innovation Centre - Desktop Support Services
Telecommunications - LandlineMobile BroadbandMobile Phone
Telecommunication Request Form
Telephones - Mobile Phones
Telephones - Landline
Telephones - Temporary Conference Telephone
Temporary Computer Account
Theatre (Lecture Theatre Computers)

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Unified Directory Service (UDS)
Username - Staff
Username - Students

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Video - Campus Account
Virtual PC (Microsoft)

Virtual Server
VPN - Remote Access

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Web Editing
What is my Email Address? (Staff)
What is my Email Address? (Student)
Windows 7
Windows 7 activate licence error
Windows Explorer - How To open a Windows Explorer Window
Windows Firewall DisableEnable
Windows (Microsoft)
Windows Administrator Rights
Windows Profile Name - How to find the Local Windows Profile Name
Windows 7 Update for Windows 7 Clients
Wireless eduroamWireless (NUIGWiFi) Information Flyer
Wireless Printing

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