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You can attend events in your region, some online and some in person, to speak to our International Office Team. Whether you are just thinking about studying at University of Galway or you have made an application and have some additional queries, we are always happy help. Find out where we will be, we are looking forward to speaking with you!

 Central Asia

We have two upcoming University of Galway Webinars for international students from Central Asia. These webinars are a perfect opportunity for you to connect once again with our representatives to ask questions and receive advice. 

15th December 2022 12 pm – 1 pm  

(Galway, UTC +0; Tashkent, UTC +5; Astana, UTC +6) 

Register here.

16th December 2022  3 pm – 4 pm  

(Galway, UTC +0; Baku/Tbilisi, UTC +4; Bucharest/Budapest UTC +2; Berlin/Rome/Madrid UTC +1)  

Register here.

Contact: europe& 


  • Undergraduate Prospectus 2023

    Undergraduate Prospectus 2023 PDF (8.4MB)

  • Postgraduate Prospectus 2023

    Postgraduate Prospectus 2023 PDF (20.6MB)

  • Quick Guide to Courses 2023

    Quick Guide to Courses 2023 PDF (1.20MB)

  • Indian Student Guide

    Indian Student Guide PDF (2.81MB)

  • Turkish Student Guide

    Turkish Student Guide PDF (16MB)

  • Indonesian Student Guide

    Indonesian Student Guide PDF (1.58MB)

  • Malaysian Student Guide

    Malaysian Student Guide PDF (1.31MB)

  • North American Student Guide

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  • Hong Kong Student Guide

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  • South African Student Guide

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  • Central Asia Student Guide

    Central Asia Student Guide PDF (1.14MB)

  • Nigerian and Ghanaian Guide

    Nigerian and Ghanaian Guide PDF (1.16MB)

  • A-Level Quick Guide to Courses

    A-Level Quick Guide to Courses PDF (1.04MB)

  • International Student Opportunities at University of Galway

    International Student Opportunities at University of Galway PDF (1.36MB)

  • Pre-Arrival Guide 2022

    Pre-Arrival Guide 2022 PDF (16 MB)