Entry Requirements

Entry Level  Qualification Irish Leaving Cert points: 300 to 375 Irish Leaving Cert points: 376 to 425 Irish Leaving Cert points: 426 to 499 Irish Leaving Cert points: 500 to 600
Foundation Level          
Undergraduate  High School Diploma GPA of 3.0/4.0 GPA of 3.3/4 GPA of 3.4/4 GPA of 3.75/4
  In order to assess your application we require a minimum of your High School transcript. We have a test flexible approach to standardised testing.         
  SAT  1090 out of 1600 1190 out of 1600 1290 out of 1600 1380 out of 1600
  Minimum subject scores required:
University of Galway CollegeBoard code is 5878
[Evidence-Based Reading and Writing 560, Math 530] [Evidence-Based Reading and Writing 610, Math 570] [Evidence-Based Reading and Writing 650, Math 620] [Evidence-Based Reading and Writing 700, Math 670]
  ACT ACT of 21 ACT of 24 ACT of 26 ACT of 29
  University of Galway ACT code is 5351        
  If available - Advanced Placement Tests - Grade 3 or above in at least two tests (preferably three tests).           
Entry Level   

Minimum Grade Required/Degree 2:2 Equivalent

Very Good/2:1 Equivalent

Excellent/1st Equivalent

Postgraduate When awarded by a regionally accredited institution GPA of 2.8/4 GPA of 3.3 / 4 GPA of 3.7 / 4  


Students' blogs

Some of our students have created a blog about their Irish experience during their stay at University of Galway : you should read them!

Aisling Tyndall, who studied at the Shannon College of Hotel Management
Emily Mannix tells you about Living abroad, questions you should ask before studying abroad and how she finds her Social Marketing course 
Keegan Charlier loved the Christmas Market on Eyre Square!
Melanie Reed, a High School councellor from Seattle talks about her experience at University of Galway 
Felicia Robbins speaks about missing home, her law trip around Europe and recap of her Irish experience!

Olivia Hanna - Journalism with Arts

Olivia Hanna

"I had put a lot of planning and, frankly, over thinking into my decision to come study at University of Galway. I had certain expectations for the duration of the four years, and less than one year into my course my expectations have been exceeded. I never thought that I would change as much as I have in such a short time. I’ve learned quite a lot in lectures and classes, but the real education has come from the experience of being in a culture unfamiliar from my own, teaching myself how to navigate and communicate across borders and barriers, and trusting my instincts. The benefits of the hard work of leaving home are well worth it; I’ve seen the sights of Ireland and beyond, listened to traditional music on the way home from the grocery store, and compared cultures with people all over the world. There’s only so much time we have to explore and to adventure. I’ll never regret packing my bags and seizing the opportunity to study at University of Galway."


Olivia Hanna, Journalism with Arts
You should also visit Olivia's blogs about what she learnt in Ireland,  Quick guide to combatting homesickness and tips for Irish supermarkets!

Mohit Agrawal - MA in Economic Policy Evaluation

Mohit Agrawal

"As a Master’s student in the Economic Policy Evaluation and Planning program at the JE Cairnes School, I was impressed by University of Galway’s students, faculty, and facilities.  The program size was small, allowing me to learn from and become friends with my fellow students in a collegial atmosphere. The faculty were fully dedicated to students, easy to talk to, and well-versed in their fields.

 Meanwhile, the facilities at University of Galway were top-notch, with great computer labs, libraries, and social spaces. Lastly, I enjoyed living in Galway, with its historic city center and scenic seaside promenade; Galway was a perfect launching pad for trips across Ireland and Europe.

 During my time in Galway, I gained a unique understanding of economic policy in the context of Ireland and the Eurozone. I strongly encourage international students to consider study at University of Galway."

 Mohit Agrawal, MA in Economic Policy Evaluation, USA

Mohit Agrawal has been awarded one of the most prestigious scholarships in the world, a Rhodes Scholarship to study economics at Oxford University. Mohit will complete his MA in Economic Policy Evaluation and Planning at University of Galway before commencing his studies at Oxford.

Ameer Gazder - Law Student

Ameer Gazder

 "My name is Ameer Gazder, I am 18 years old and I am doing a Bachelor of Civil Law at University of Galway. I come from Narragansett, Rhode Island but have strong family ties in Ireland. Having been born in Galway, I have spent my entire life coming back to Ireland during school vacations and summers to visit family and enjoy the amazing culture and atmosphere of Ireland. It was this affection, familiarization and attachment to Ireland that drove me, as an American, to actually attend university in Europe, specifically University of Galway.

Studying in Ireland has provided me with valuable insight into the educational, professional and cultural atmospheres of the country, which I now wish to share with other American students who are looking into possibly studying abroad in Ireland. Be it the fantastic education system present in the universities, the rich culture and heritage of the country, the warm hospitality of its inhabitants or any of the other countless reasons to love Ireland, there is always something that captures the heart of every student who studies here.

 And as a student ambassador, I will be tremendously eager to help potential international students find their own specific niche here in Ireland."

Ameer Gazder, Law student and Student Ambassador

Ethan Claucherty - Msc Toxicology

Ethan Claucherty

“I came to Galway for the first time on a spur of the moment trip to Ireland to celebrate the completion of my undergrad. In the two nights I spent here I was so amazed to be in a city that thrived with such a diverse culture both day and night. This place had such an impact on me that I came back to pursue my masters in Toxicology. The course I have taken has really given me a unique perspective on toxicology in a way that differs from teaching methods in my undergrad. The application of knowledge with the hands on research really helped me understand how different toxins affect us. When my program finishes I will be heading back to Michigan in hopes of applying my knowledge to improving the toxicity problems in the environment.”

— Ethan Claucherty, Msc Toxicology, Michigan, (United States)

Kelsey Donohue - Arts

Kelsey Donohue

"Hi! My name is Kelsey Donohue and I had the pleasure of studying at University of Galway during my semester abroad in Ireland. As a Long Island native turned Hudson Valley resident at Marist College in New York, I was excited to‌ travel and explore Ireland. Drawn by my family’s Irish roots, Ireland just seemed like a natural choice. When it came to deciding which university to attend, University of Galway was exactly what I was looking for.

I took a combination of Culture, History, English and Philosophy classes. My favorite class was by far Arts in Action which taught the evolution of Ireland’s traditional music through concerts and events taking place right on campus. It was something I would never experience at home!

Galway’s location in the West of Ireland is absolutely incredible. It is the perfect location between the breathtaking Irish countryside and bustling Dublin city, making it easy to accomplish plenty of sightseeing during your time abroad. Whether it’s enjoying a stroll down the bustling Shop Street or joining the local Galwegians in a dip in the refreshing Galway Bay, you will easily call Galway your new home."

Kelsey Donohue, Arts student
You should also visit Kelsey's blogs about Thanksgiving in Ireland and Galway city (Part1, Part 2, Part 3)!

Siobhan Allaeddini - Business Student

Siobhan Allaeddini

"Hello all aspiring scholars, my name is Siobhan Allaeddini and I am from Newport Beach, California. I am currently attending University of Galway where I am studying Commerce and will be graduating in 2013. Often when people realize I am from a foreign destination I get asked the same question, “Why did you leave Orange County for Galway?”

‌The answer is simple enough. The culture, lifestyle and education programs far exceed anything I felt I could have received at home. In most European universities, from the moment you begin your course you are studying what you wish to pursue your career in. No general education classes teaching you things you are genuinely not interested in. In essence, you get what you pay for and what you want. In addition to the straight-forward education system, Ireland and its people have a reputation for being THE friendliest and liveliest European country.

Prior to my attending University of Galway, I had been to Ireland several times between my Irish Dancing competitions and my mother visiting her immediate family members (she was born and raised in Kildare, Ireland). The culture and lifestyle were no surprise to me; however, I know for most other students it isn’t all that drastic either. That can be credited to the people and laidback atmosphere that encompasses all of Ireland."

— Siobhan Allaeddini, Business student
You should also visit Shiobhan's blogs about Studying for exams and Packing for Ireland!

Siobhan Keenan - Undergraduate Arts Student

Siobhan Keenan

"My name is Siobhan Keenan and I am from Midland Park, New Jersey, USA.  

I‌ am currently studying English and Psychological Studies in my second year at University of Galway. I chose University of Galway because I love Galway City and the school couldn’t be a better fit. 

My two subjects, English and Psychological Studies are the perfect fit for what I was looking for.  I’ve come to Ireland ever since I was a child and I couldn’t be happier that I now get to live here year round in one of my favorite cities."

— Siobhan Keenan, Undergraduate Arts Student from New Jersey
You should also visit Siobhan's blogs about the Arts Ball, St Patrick Day, Societies, Life in Ireland and her favorite class!!

Margaret Langevin - Journalism

Margaret Langevin

My name is Margaret Langevin and I’m from Chicago, Illinois. I chose to study abroad at University of Galway in the Fall semester of 2013. However, I couldn’t stay away and am back completing my Master’s in journalism. Living Galway has been one of my dreams since my first trip to this beautiful city in 2005, but also being a journalist was another dream. The atmosphere in Galway is addicting: the people are friendly, the music is uplifting, the scenery is breathtaking and the university is more than helpful. While I’m staying in Galway for the summer, I’m now looking for a fulltime job here so I can stay even longer. Studying at University of Galway has helped me fulfil my dreams.  

— Margaret Langevin, Journalism, from Chicago


In the United States, while we do not work with agents, we do welcome engagement with counselors whose students may be interested in studying at University of Galway. If you are a Guidance Counselor and would like us to speak to your class, contact us at internationalmarketingrecruitment@universityofgalway.ie to arrange a virtual session.

Federal Aid

 University of Galway is approved by the US government to certify financial aid under the William D. Ford Direct Loan Program. US citizens attending University of Galway as full time degreeseeking students can arrange private or Federal Direct Loans to finance their education.

Students are responsible for ensuring that their loan application paperwork is received prior to the 1st of July for the subsequent September intake. Please consult the University of Galway Federal Aid webpage as soon as you receive your Letter of Acceptance please complete the Federal Aid application form which you will find as an attachment under the Federal Aid Guide. This needs to be received by University of Galway by July 1st.

The University of Galway School Code for Federal Aid is G12766.

Further enquiries regarding US Federal Aid can be addressed to: federalaid@universityofgalway.ie

 Please visit this page for information about international scholarships and fees.


Irish Diaspora Education Alliance

1. The purpose of this IDEA Student Award agreement is to enable, suitably qualified students to study for an undergraduate degree at University of Galway. All students will have to be assessed for their undergraduate programme at University of Galway and meet all entry criteria, and where applicable prerequisite subjects. 

2. Candidates will be screened for eligibility for admission by University of Galway who shall have final authority on admission decisions. General eligibility criteria set by University of Galway is a minimum 3.2 GPA on a 4.0 GPA scale, for particular programmes there may be prerequisite subjects that will be mandatory for consideration for entry.

3. Under this agreement qualifying students will be eligible for 15% fee reduction on Non-EU Fees for the duration of their University of Galway undergraduate programmes. For the purposes of this agreement this fee reduction will form part of an annual IDC Scholarship programme.

4. University of Galway will provide up to 9 IDEA Student Awards per year, for the duration of this agreement.

University of Galway will offer fee reductions to undergraduate programmes in the following colleges:

· 3 awards for The College of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies (CASSCS)

· 3 awards for The College of Business, Public Policy and Law (CBPPL)

· 3 awards for The College of Science and Engineering (CoSE) 

B. Administrative Process 

1. Applicants must be referred by the IDEA (Philadelphia) and this must be referenced on the application form.

2. University of Galway will confirm the applicant is eligible to be considered by contacting a designated IDC representative of the IDEA initiative, who will confirm by email that the applicant should be considered for this award. The IDC and IDEA shall have no other input or involvement in any admission decision made by University of Galway.

3. To be eligible for this programme, applicants must provide completed High School transcripts.

4. Neither IDEA or IDC are responsible for providing or certifying any information or documents provided by an applicant to University of Galway.

For more information about these scholarships you can contact:

Katie Flannery
Global Partnerships Executive