ICHR updates

Jul 07 2022 Posted: 15:17 IST

 We are delighted announce the new appointment of Dr. Gillian Kane who will commence her position as a Post Doc researcher alongside Professor Siobhan Mullally. Gillian is working on the Irish Research Council COALESCE project on Human Trafficking in Uganda.

Biography – Dr Gillian Kane
Gillian is a Postdoctoral Researcher based at the Irish Centre for Human Rights, School of Law, NUI Galway. She is currently working on an Irish Research Council COALESCE project exploring human trafficking, forced migration and gender equality in Uganda. Prior to joining NUI Galway, Gillian completed her PhD research - on the role of international law in preventing and tackling human trafficking among refugees and asylum seekers - in the School of Law at Queen’s University Belfast. She is also co-chair of the Human Trafficking Research Network (based at QUB Human Rights Centre), a Research Affiliate at the Refugee Law Initiative, and a trustee at Chab Dai UK. 

Human Trafficking, Forced Migration and Gender Equality in Uganda
Project web page: https://www.nuigalway.ie/irish-centre-human-rights/public/projects/uganda/
The project analyses the operationalization of international and regional human rights standards on human trafficking in Uganda, focusing particularly on the gender and child rights dimension of human trafficking among forced migrants i.e., refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs). The project explores how and whether the State is moving beyond a criminal justice-centered approach to combating human trafficking.  Investigating this, the project analyses the potential of international and regional human rights standards to reform laws, policies and practice towards a human rights-based approach that focuses on prevention of trafficking and protection of the rights of victims/survivors of trafficking.

The research is funded by the Irish Research Council (COALESCE fund) and is being undertaken in partnership between the Irish Centre for Human Rights - under the direction of project PI Professor Siobhán Mullally - and the Refugee Law Project, an indigenous Ugandan organisation and outreach project of the School of Law, Makerere University.