LLM student Emma Kelly speaking about her research with GLAN / International Lawyers for West Papua

Dec 06 2022 Posted: 10:42 GMT

Our LLM student Emma Kelly will be speaking about her research with GLAN / International Lawyers for West Papua, at a conference in London on Friday December 9th 2022. The event will be live streamed for those who cannot attend in person. It will be of interest to students taking Business and Human Rights, Climate Justice and Transnational Lawyering.

This conference features an array of speakers and will discuss the link between state violence and environmental violence in West Papua. The conference is hosted by the Centre for Climate Crime and Climate Justice and the International State Crime Initiative, Queen Mary University of London.

GLAN / ILWP's research on this particular project focuses on mapping business activity in West Papua. It centres on investigating the human rights violations and environmental harms taking place and finding the link with the companies responsible. The results of the team's ongoing research are gathered in a unique database. It details the European / American / Australian / UK headquartered companies identified either directly involved in abuses or indirectly via the supply chain. They have also been looking into which jurisdictions have strong supply chain due diligence, to identify potential legal pressures that can be used. The ultimate aim of the project is to engage in strategic transnational litigation to ensure legal accountability for companies situated in the above jurisdictions, aiming to have an effect on the ground in West Papua.

Registration is free, follow this link: Conference registration