‘Ireland's role on the international climate agenda at the Security Council and

Jun 18 2021 Posted: 09:35 IST


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Ireland's role on  the international climate agenda at the Security Council and beyond  


Ireland’s Climate Envoy  

Time: 1 pm- 2 pm 
Date: 28 May 2021  

Speaker’s Bio 

Dr Sinead Walsh is Ireland’s Climate Envoy since 2020. Prior to this she served as the EU Ambassador to South Sudan. She has worked for Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs since 2009. She was a Senior Fellow at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative in 2016/17. Prior to this, she served as the Ambassador of Ireland to Sierra Leone and Liberia and the Head of Irish Aid in the two countries, based in Freetown from 2011 to 2016. She has also worked in DFA HQ roles on multi-lateral organisations, international financial institutions and civil society engagement. 

Before joining the government, Sinead spent ten years in the NGO sector, predominantly with Concern Worldwide, working in India, Pakistan, Rwanda and South Sudan, as well as in a global advocacy role. She has a BA from Harvard University, an MSc in Development Studies from University College Dublin and a PhD in Social Policy from the London School of Economics. She is the co-author of Getting to Zero: A Doctor and A Diplomat on the Ebola Frontline, published by Zed Books in 2018. 


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