PSYcHE Project- Improving Psychosocial Supports in Youth Mental Health


Inclusion Criteria

  • Aged 16-35
  • Within the first five years of a diagnosed psychotic illness
  • Currently attending the early intervention in psychosis services
  • Community-based and clinically stable

Exclusion criteria

  • History of organic impairment
  • History of head injury with loss of consciousness (>5min)
  • Drug misuse in the preceding 1 month 

The PSYcHE programme – Improving Psychosocial Supports in Youth Mental Health – is a 5-year research programme funded by the Health Research Board that began in January 2021 and is led by Professor Gary Donohoe, School of Psychology, NUI Galway.

Representing a collaboration between NUI Galway and the HSE’s National Clinical Programme for Early Intervention in Psychosis, it focuses on improving psychosocial interventions available to young people with serious mental health disorders, with a particular emphasis on psychosis.

If you would like to know more about the PSYcHE project, please find the information leaflet below or please email for any further questions you may have.

PSYcHE Recruitment Information Leaflet