During the Open Day
on the 7th & 8th October                                  

Campus Map & Zones

Arrival and Registration:
Upon arrival on campus, you are requested to make your way to one of our two registration points (see map). One registration tent can be found outside the Human Biology Building and the other can be found outside the Alice Perry Building. When you arrive at the registration tent, we will scan your ticket and provide you with a pack include the prospectus and the open day programme. You are then free to explore our exhibitions (across five locations) and attend talks and tours. 

Parking on Friday:
Free parking for open day visitors is only available in the Dangan Park and Ride car park on Friday 7th October. Visitors can park here and take the shuttle bus to the other side of campus (getting off at the last stop) and will find the registration tent in outside of the Human Biology Building close by. This carpark can be accessed via the entrance to Corrib Village, off the Upper Newcastle Road. To exit the carpark, drive up to the exit barrier which will automatically rise.

Friday is a working college day on campus with lectures taking place for current students. If visitors park anywhere else on campus (designated staff and student car parks), it is likely they will be clamped. 

External paid parking is also available close to campus at the Cathedral. 

 Parking on Saturday:
Free parking is available to visitors across all car parks on campus on Saturday. It is anticipated that there will be a lot of traffic coming on campus on Saturday and if the university entrances are busy we recommend parking in the Dangan Park and Ride car park and taking the shuttle bus down to campus (the shuttle bus will run from 8:30am – 3:30pm for open day on Saturday 8th October).

External paid parking is also available close to campus at the Cathedral. 

Address for Dangan Park and Ride:

  • University of Galway Park & Ride, 113-121 Upper Newcastle, Galway
  • Google Maps Plus Code: 7WRH+4J Galway

Sustainable Travel:
If you live close to the University campus, we encourage you to walk to campus, take public transport or to cycle (a map of the University’s cycle facilities are available here). 

Bus Drop Off an Collection:

  • Buses are asked to enter via the Kingfisher entrance to drop-off at the Alice Perry Building (Engineering Building).
  • Drivers can look for directions for ‘Kingfisher Club University of Galway’ using Google maps. The entrance is on ‘Lower Newcastle Road’. Once you enter that entrance, you will see the Kingfisher building on your left, turn left at the T junction, drive under the bridge and follow the road around. You will see a large building on the right (beside the river). This is the Alice Perry Building. You will also see a registration tent and other open day activity. This is the drop-off and collection point for open day buses. 
  • Buses can either leave campus for the day or park in the Dangan Park and Ride car park where they can avail of free parking. Friday is a working day on campus and no parking is permitted in the staff and student car parks. However the Dangan Park and Ride car park is easy to access from the drop-off point (Alice Perry Building) and there is a shuttle bus operating all day back into the heart of campus which the drivers can avail of. 
  • Collection on campus will be at the Alice Perry Building or you may prefer to pick up off-campus (at the Cathedral for example).


  • Undergraduate Prospectus 2023

    Undergraduate Prospectus 2023 PDF (8.4MB)

  • A Level Quick Guide 2023

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  • Quick Guide to Courses 2023

    Quick Guide to Courses 2023 PDF (697 KB)

  • Junior Prospectus 2019

    Junior Prospectus 2019 PDF (20.8 MB)

  • Adult Education Brochure

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