Module code NU438 - September (PFC1)

Approximately 2% of the population will suffer from a wound at any one time. The majority of wounds will heal uneventfully, but, for some patients either due to the wound aetiology or underlying co-morbidities, wound healing may be delayed or at times unachievable.

The science of wound management which encompasses wound prevention and wound healing is a highly complex specialty. This requires practitioners to have a highly developed knowledge of physiological and pharmacological concepts in order to provide the patient with the most appropriate treatment and care.

This module aims to give course members opportunities to explore the subject in depth to enable critical practice in this specialized area of care.  The demands of wound care and prevention require comprehensive and detailed analysis of the physiological and psychosocial components of the patient experience along with technical and practical skills to perform holistic assessment and to provide safe and effective treatment based upon current evidence.

Module Content:
Module content is structured around the following key themes:

  • Wound healing and holistic assessment
  • Wound management
  • Pressure ulcer prevention
  • Wound infection
  • Professional practice issues
  • Practice competence

Module Delivery:
Delivered via blended learning that includes on-line discussion forums, videos, face to face lectures and workshop and skills sessions.

Module leader:
Prof. Georgina Gethin,

How to Apply
For further details contact:

Mari Moran (Mornings: Wednesday - Friday)
School of Nursing & Midwifery 
NUI Galway 

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