Photonics and Imaging

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University of Galway has approximately 50 researchers engaged in photonics research, including 30 photonics PhD students and several postdocs in Physics; Applied Optics, Biophotonics, Laser Applications and Imaging. 

Photonics & Imaging at University of Galway has identified integrated activities spanning fundamental science, education, applied research and technology transfer. The key objective of University of Galway Photonics’ activities is the discovery of new science and the development of core intellectual property, carefully managed by the University, in close collaboration with indigenous and multinational industries.

The objectives of Photonics & Imaging at University of Galway are to:

  • Advance the reputation of University of Galway in optics, imaging and laser science, by promoting excellence in fundamental research and through international collaboration.
  • Underpin existing research activities in industrial R&D in Ireland.
  • Create new collaborations with other academic researchers, and with specific companies, in the field of application of lasers, optics, and imaging, to biotech and ICT.
  • Stimulate new spin-off companies, especially in the Biotechnology and ICT sectors, based on proprietary advances in optics and laser technologies.
  • Provide skilled technical expertise and state-of-the-art facilities with regional, national and international relevance.

Photonics & Imaging at University of Galway has, for example, advanced our knowledge of the optics of the eye,leading to better intraocular lenses; developed apps e.g. to measure heart rate with more than 25 million users; developed imaging technology which is sensitive to nanostructural size variations deep in living tissues; investigated the treatment of head and neck, and bladder cancers using novel formulations of photosensitizer and optical triggering; developed accurate computational models with applications in medical imaging and therapy and has developed new insights in laser-based manufacturing / structuring of thin film / advanced materials.


  • 811 cited documents
  • Including 424 peer-reviewed journal articles
  • 8370 citations 
    Last five years:
  • 32 peer-reviewed journal articles per year
  • More than one thousand citations per year.

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