Seventh National Public and Patient Involvement in Research Conference April 27th 2022

The seventh annual PPI in Research Conference took place online on Wednesday April 27th. We missed meeting you all in person but the online attendance continued to grow this year meaning that we were able to meet more and more of you on the day.

The conference was jointly organised by the HRB Primary Care CTNI and PPI Ignite Network @ University of Galway

conference programme. various presentations that we had on the day, and the biographies pamphlet.'PPI: Partners in today’s research culture', celebrating the successful integration of PPI into research in recent years – and also highlighting there is work that remains to be done.  In this community, we are continuously learning and developing, both researchers and PPI contributors. Days like today are essential in overcoming challenges and learning best practice in achieving optimum partnership.

To view the youtube playlist, click here. There will be a list below if you want to look at one more specifically. Enjoy!

 If you would like to provide any feedback on the conference, or suggest ideas for future PPI events please email