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Professor Peter McCarthy

The educational and research aims of the Discipline of Radiology in the University are to further the understanding and application of the core principles of Clinical Radiology in-patient investigation and treatment, and provide a platform of support for research into new and novel techniques.  The Discipline of Clinical Radiology is concerned with the use of conventional and newer techniques in the diagnosis, investigation and treatment of patients, using image guidance.  Typically this will involve cross sectional imaging techniques such as ultrasound, CT scanning and MRI scanning, and on the treatment arm, the use of the burgeoning specialty of interventional radiology utilizing image guidance to guide treatment.  Radiology plays a key clinical role, and the primary goals of the discipline are to engage undergraduate students in the fundamentals and principles of these techniques.

Radiology is a key subject in the Clinical Curriculum

While radiology plays a key role also in the complementary teaching of pre-clinical disciplines such as Anatomy and Physiology, its primary role in the undergraduate curriculum is in the final medical year.  In this clinical year, radiology is seamlessly integrated into the curriculum at all levels, in all three semesters, and in the final medical clinical and written examinations. 

This site will provide information about undergraduate teaching, in particular the Special Study Modules in the second and fourth medical years, and also new and traditional postgraduate courses, most notably the M.Sc course in Multidisciplinary Radiology, which commenced in October 2014, with an intake of 11 postgraduate students.  

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Researching the core principles of Clinical Radiology in patient investigation and treatment, with a view to providing a platform of support for research into new and novel techniques.