2017 blank ID card

 Your University of Galway Student ID Card will be your official identification card for the duration of your course at University of Galway and for all college related matters only.  The card that will be issued to you in September is expected to see you through your course. 
*The name and spelling on your birth cert/passport/driver licence is what will appear on your student ID card.

Returning Students:   
You will not get a new card in September. The card you were issued with last year will remain valid for the duration of your programme. To ensure the card is active for this current academic year you need to register online.

Student ID Card Collection Dates - General Notes

Dates will be noted here nearer the start of term

Photo upload deadlines as follows:

  • New 1st Year Undergrads - to be confirmed
  • New 1st Year postgrads - to be confirmed

Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge : distribute cards for Diploma students (andioplomasaghaeilge@ollscoilnagaillimhe.ie)

What is the student ID Card for?

Your Student ID card will serve as your  official identification for all college related matters, while also giving you access to many of the facilities/services across the campus. You may need your Student ID when:

  • requesting  exam result transcripts from the  Student Registry Help Desk.
  • presenting to  sit a university exam. (Failure to show your Student Identity Card will result in a €20 fine)
  • getting any forms or certification stamped in the Student Information Desk.
  • accessing and borrowing books from the library.
  • accessing certain buildings and rooms.
  • availing of  student services (Health Centre) 
  • signing up for  clubs and societies.

Every student is issued with a Student Identity Card at Registration which he/she must carry while on University campus.

It is advisable that you purchase a Student Leap Card for travel for travel related services for students, click here for further information

For information on using your Student ID Card for travel discounts, please see link to SU Travel Information.

Terms of Use

Upon receipt of your card, you (as a student) will:

  • Sign and accept responsibility for your University of Galway student card. 
  • Ensure that your University of Galway student card is retained solely for 
    your own use. 
  • Always carry your University of Galway student card while on the University of Galway campus. 
  • Students are required to show their Student Identity Card at all examinations (View the examinations guidelines
  • Ensure that the photograph on your University of Galway student card is an acceptable form of identification.
  • Present your NUI Galway student card whenever requested to do so by a member of University of Galway staff. A member of staff is also entitled to retain the card if they feel it necessary. 
  • Ensure that if you withdraw from the University during the course of an academic year, on either a permanent or temporary basis, you return your University of Galway student card to the Student Information Desk. 
  • Be aware that if your University of Galway student card is lost or stolen, you are obliged to inform the University immediately, so that the appropriate precautions can be taken to ensure that your card is not used without your consent.

How to protect your card..

As your Student Identity Card is expected to last the duration of your course at University of Galway, it is essential that you protect your card from damage or misuse.

To ensure the durability and validity of your University of Galway Student Identity Card: 

  • Do not bend the card. Card readers cannot read bent or cracked cards reliably.
  • Do not wash, scratch or write on your card.
  • Do not use your card for any purpose it was not designed for.
  • Avoid exposing the card to excessive heat.
  • Do not punch a hole in your card, this could damage your card and result in a replacement card charge.
  • Keep away from magnets and computers to avoid magnetic damage.
  • Do not tamper with the information or picture printed on the card.
  • Keep the surface of the smart chip clean and free from any marks or scratches.

To prevent the identity-theft or the misuse of your card it is essential that you:

  • Keep it in a safe carrying case (such as a wallet).
  • Do not lend it out to others. You are responsible for your card.
  • Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately to the Student Information Desk to protect yourself against unauthorized use. Please refer to lost or stolen cards for more information.

Your University of Galway Student Identity Card is your most important piece of identification while at NUI Galway so treat it carefully!!

What if I lose my Student Card?

  • It is essential that you report a lost or stolen student card immediately to the Student Registry Help Desk.

    A replacement card can then be issued to you at a cost of €20.

    (Note: students will receive a replacement student card free of charge in cases of a reported crime e.g. assault, burglary.)

    If your ID card has been stolen you must produce a copy of the Garda crime report.  The report must contain theinvestigating Garda name, Garda Pulse Incident Number and be signed by the Superintendent in charge).

    Students should be aware that the false reporting of a crime is a serious offence

    Failure to notify the University places you at risk of serious allegations of collusion in the fraudulent use of your NUI Galway student card. 
    Please return found cards to the Student Registry Help Desk.