The emerging field of regenerative medicine aims to provide new technologies to treat major diseases and repair or regenerate injured tissues. It is a rapidly expanding field where mechanisms of action are uncovered, efficacy is improved, and regulatory approval is increasing. New promising cell and gene therapies are being discovered and new companies are emerging to enable translation of these exciting technologies to meet the needs of patients. The Regenerative Medicine Institute (REMEDI) has world-class associated Masters and PhD programmes at NUI Galway that equip students with the knowledge and skillsets required for employment in industry, research institutes or in cell and gene therapy manufacturing facilities.

The MSc in Regenerative Medicine is a unique course that covers the science of stem cell and gene therapy and tissue engineering. We also offer a MSc in Cellular Manufacturing and Therapy which is an award-winning course that focuses on translation of cell therapies from discovery stage to the clinic, with a particular focus on manufacturing technology. REMEDI offers PhD degree programmes at NUIG within the research areas of Transplant Biology, Stem Cell Biology, Extracellular Vesicles, Immunology, Diabetes Mellitus, Gene Therapy, Orthobiologics, Lung Biology and Neurodegeneration. 

More detailed information on both Masters programmes and the PhD programmes including information on how to apply is available in the links below.