The Regenerative Medicine Institute (REMEDI) is located in the Biomedical Sciences building at NUI Galway in Galway, Ireland. NUI Galway has an established reputation in the field of Biomedical Science and it is the primary university in Ireland for Biomedical Science research. REMEDI researchers have access to the highest quality research facilities ranging from a high spec flow cytometry platform, cell and tissue culture suites, histology, proteomic, to genomics. The full range of equipment available is detailed below. 


Excelsior AS Tissue Processor 

Leica Tissue Embedder and Cold Plate 

Leica Rotary Microtome 

Microm Microtome 

Float out bath 

Leica CM1850 Cryostat 

SLEE MEV Cryostat 

Leica Vibratome 

Diapath Giotto Automated Slide Stainer



State of the art microscopy facilities including scanning electron microscopes, transmission electron microscopes, confocal (laser scanning, spinning disk), and live cell imaging, light, and fluorescent microscopes, and ancillary equipment are available through the Centre for Microscopy (CMI):  

Flow Cytometry 

BD Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer 


BD FACS Aria II cell sorter 

Cytek Northern Lights 3000 

Cytek Northern Lights 2000 (The Lambe Institute) 

2 X Data Analysis PC Workstations 


Rapid Plate & Twister Arm Liquid Handling 

Agilent Bioanalyser 

Microarray Scanner and printer 

Real time quantitative PCR machine 

ABI 96 well real time PCR fast system 

Standard PCR set-up gel rigs and image capture & densitometry apparatus 

Bacterial cloning equipment - incubators & centrifuges 

Kodak IS4000MM Imaging system 

High-throughput Screening 

Biorad Bioplex 200 

Tali Image-Based Cytometer 

Janus Automated Liquid Handling Workstation  

Operetta High-Content Imager  

Victor X5 Multilabel Reader 

StepOne Plus qPCR System 

LightCycler 480 qPCR System 

Bioanalyzer 2100 

Cell Culture 

Fully equipped tissue culture suites (centrifuges, incubators, class II safety cabinets etc) 

Cell storage for master cell/virus banks 

Hypoxic Chamber 

Cell storage bar code identification and labelling software 

Controlled Rate Freezer 

Protein & Vector Analysis 

Agilent 6460 triple quadrupole LC/MS/MS system 

Agilent 6510 QTOF LC/MS/MS system 

Bruker HCT Ultra ion trap with Electron Transfer Dissociation (ETD) 

GC/LC Mass Spectrometer with QTof 

Acta FPLC system for vector isolation 

Acta FPLC Chromatography system for liposome experiments 

N5 Submicron Particle Size Analyser Beckman Coulter 

High speed Sorvall and Beckmann centrifuges 

Nanodrop Spectrophotometer 

Plate readers, luminometry and fluorescence capabilities 

2-D gel electrophoresis equipment and image analysis equipment 

2 x Guava Easycyte System 

Bio-Plex 200 System array & microplate reader 

Biomaterial Synthesis & Characterization 

Much of the biomaterial characterization equipment listed below is available through Curam which is housed in the same building as Remedi 

Varian 920 HPLC system with IR detector and Cirrus Gel Permeation Chromatography Software 

Varian 610-IR FTIR Microscope with ResolutionsPro software 

Malvern Nano ZS-90 Zeta Potential and Size analyser 

Biochrom amino acid analyser 

Virtis freeze driers 

Electrospinning rig and high voltage power supply 

Multiple illimination image documentation system - Thermo Scientific Varioskan Flash Spectral 

Scanning Multimode Reader 

Varioskan Flash Spectral Scanning Multimode Reader with Skanit software (UV/Vis, flourescence, TRH, luminesence) 

Lab-on-a-chip reader for nucleic acid analysis. 

Nanodrop spectrophotometer 

Biaxial Mechanical Testing Equipment for Planar Tissues 

Quantitative Sterological Image Analysis System 

Atomic Force and Scanning tunnelling microscopy systems 

BIAcore biosensor 

Differential Scanning Colorimeter (DSC) 

Origin 3800 High Performance Computer with SGI workstations 

Universal Stress Rheometer 

Coordinate Measurement Machine 

Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analyser 

Sinterstation 2500plus Rapid Prototyper 

Femtosecond Laser 

Axial Torsion Testing Machine 

Nano-Indenter with AFM head 

Pin on Disc Tribometer 

High Frequency Fatigue machine