Applications are invited for research bursaries for undergraduate students wishing to pursue a 5 week summer research project in the School of Computer Science, starting on the 27th of May 2024. Two scholarships are available, each with a bursary of €2,000.


These internship bursaries are available to all undergraduate students in University of Galway and other Irish HEI’s who have a significant computing aspect to their degree. Students who are already undertaking a funded placement/internship are ineligible to apply. Final year students are eligible to apply.

Eligible supervisors are listed at the end of this page along with their research area and example projects. Candidates should make contact directly with a prospective supervisor to discuss a project and to arrange for the submission of the required recommendation by the prospective supervisor.

Academic Co-ordinator

The academic Co-ordinator is Dr Karl Mason.  For any queries, students can email

Possible Project Descriptions

Please see the bottom of this page for a list of available project descriptions and associated supervisors.

Application Deadline

Sunday, 28th April 2024

How to Apply:

Students should email a single pdf file to containing:

  1. Your Full Name and Student ID.
  2. The name of the proposed project supervisor and a copy email confirming their agreement to act as supervisor.
  3. A short description of the research project (200 words maximum).
  4. A table containing percentage grades for all university modules completed to date. Provisional results for Semester I of the current academic year should be included.

There is no official application form.


Applications will be evaluated by members of the School's Research and Graduate Studies Committee. Students will be ranked based on their academic grades, the proposed research project and the supervisor's recommendation of the application.  


Supervisor Research Keywords Example Project
Dr. Patrick Mannion Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Reinforcement Learning, Game-playing AI Applying reinforcement learning to real time strategy games. 
Dr. Karl Mason Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Computing, Neural Networks, Applied Machine Learning, Evolutionary Robotics, Optimization Ensuring collaboration in multi-robot systems via robotic arm control.
Dr. Waqar Shahid Qureshi Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Applied Deep Learning. Developed a transformer-based deep learning model with PyTorch to rate Geo-located videos/images of travel routes (1-5) for maintenance and treatment identification
Dr. Malika Bendechache Artificial Intelligence, Medical Image Processing, MRI Imaging, Object Detection, Brain Tumour Advanced Brain Tumour Detection Using YOLOv8 Algorithm in MRI Imaging
Dr. Mamoon Asghar Artificial Intelligence, Authentication, Cybersecurity, Deep Learning, Hashing, Visual Data, Watermarking. AI for detecting Fake images (visual data) 
Dr. Bharathi Raja Chakravarthi Natural Language Processing, Under-resourced Languages, Multimodal Machine Learning Detecting abusive comments at a fine-grained level in a low-resource language
Dr. Frank Glavin Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Game AI, Computer Science Education On the use of Shortform Video Explanations (TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts) to Complement Computer Science Education Learning Materials.