We are pleased to announce that the School of Mathematical & Statistical Sciences will be running an extra-curricular Mathematics Enrichment programme for senior cycle students on some Saturdays throughout the next few months, dates to be confimed.  The programme is likely to be of interest to students who have an exceptionally strong interest in mathematics, who enjoy mathematical challenges and who are keen to expand their knowledge of the the subject beyond the post-primary curriculum.  Our goal is to introduce students to the excitment and buzz of mathematical discovery - of finding a new method or idea to solve a problem that had previously seemed impossible.  The course is open to any interested student and is free of charge, but we will assume that students are familiar with Junior Cert level mathematics.

It will include some consideration of mathematical problem-solving, in the style of the Irish and International Mathematical Olympiads which is the world's most prestigious mathematical contest.  Students will have the option of participating in the selection contest for the Irish team for the International Mathematical Olympiad (in Bath, UK in July 2024).  

The 2024 programme will run on campus on Saturdays from 11.00am until 1.00pm.  Dates and venue to be confirmed

Students who wish to participate can register their interest by sending an email to collette.mcloughlin@universityofgalway.ie.