Ocean Acidification and Biogeochemistry: variability, trends and vulnerability

VOCAB is a 4 year project funded under the Marine Research Programme 2014-2020. This project aims to address some of the gaps in our current knowledge of the vulnerability of selected marine ecosystems in Irish waters to ocean acidification (OA), by exploring some of the complex biogeochemical processes occuring at fine scales in selected ecosystems, and by studying the larger scale biogeochemistry of ocean waters impinging on those ecosystems.


Marine chemistry, chemical oceanography, marine biology, GIS

Principal Investigator 

Dr Rachel Cave

NUIG Project Investigators

Prof. Peter Croot
Dr. Triona McGrath
Dr. Dagmar Stengel 
Dr. Brian Ward
Ms. Sheena Fennell

Related Projects

The VOCAB team provided support for the 2017 GO-SHIP survey of the AO2 line across the N. Atlantic from Newfoundland to Galway.  Prof. Peter Croot was chief scientist for the survey.

IMBeR is an international project that promotes integrated marine research through a range of research topics towards sustainable, productive and healthy oceans at a time of global change, for the benefit of society.

VOCAB is an IMBeR endorsed project

NUTS&BOLTS is a 4 year project funded by the EPA and Marine Institute. This project aims to address some of the gaps in our current knowledge on the cycling of nutrients and carbon in ecosystems in Irish marine transitional zones (MTZs).