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Dr Kevin HealyMacroecology

Ecosystems are composed of diverse organisms interacting with each other in various complex ways. This often makes it difficult to understand the fundamental rules that govern them and impedes our ability to predict how ecosystems may respond to changes relating to agricultural, fisheries, conservation and climate change. Macroecology approaches this complexity by viewing ecological systems at large scales were broad-brush patterns can emerge.

In our lab we are interested in using a macroecological lens to identify and understand the general laws that drive the ecology and evolution of animals.

 Our aim is to explore and tests these macroecological patterns using a mixture of quantitative approaches including phylogenetic comparative methods and agent-based modelling. Currently my lab is researching questions relating to the drivers of animal life history traits, such as lifespan; the relationship between body size and scavenging strategies; and developing tools in the field of stable isotope analysis.

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The Macroecology Group aims to test the general rules of ecology and evolution from a range of systems, including animal life histories, venom evolution, stable istopes and scavenging behavior.