Dr Anne Marie Power

Anne Marie PowerSustainable Fisheries

I am interested in fundamental fisheries science including growth rates and density dependence in Dublin Bay prawn, Nephrops norvegicus. I am also working in applied sustainability studies in ‘Cephs and Chefs’, which will carry out integrated ecosystem assessment for squid, octopus and cuttlefish in the Atlantic Area (France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, U.K.) and will work with fishers to help them explore the benefits of certification for sustainably fished cephalopods.

Fish Biology

I am interested in overfishing of wild populations (e.g. for cleanerfish production) and have ongoing projects on ballan wrasse biology including morphotypic variation and its connection with bile pigments.

Barnacle Biology, Bioadhesion and Biotechnology

I am exploring the adhesion mechanism of barnacle adhesive proteins in collaboration with Dr Gerard Wall, Microbiology

I am also working on stable isotopes of stalked barnacle shells and their use as markers of turtle migrations with Dr Gregory Herbert at University of South Florida 

Working Groups

I am an Executive Board member and Working Group Leader in the COST Action European Network of Bioadhesion Expertise (ENBA) 

I am also a member of the ICES working group on zooplankton ecology

Group Members

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