From the seas to the stars

Have you ever wondered how the stars, the sea, and the living creatures on Earth are connected? How can we explore the mysteries of nature and protect its beauty and diversity? How can we improve our own health and well-being by learning from the natural world?
Students in the School of Natural Sciences in the University of Galway will:
  • Study in a top 2% university and a university which is #34 in the world for sustainability
  • Learn from experts in the science of our world including botany, zoology, physics, geology, marine science, and environmental science.
  • Participate in cutting-edge research projects that address global challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, infectious diseases, and food security.
  • Gain practical skills and experience in state-of-the-art laboratories, work placements, field trips, and internships with leading organizations and industries.
  • Benefit from generous international scholarships
  • Become a valued member of a diverse and supportive community of students and staff from different backgrounds and cultures in the friendliest student campus in the World! Enjoy the stunning scenery and rich heritage of Galway, a vibrant and friendly city on the west coast of Ireland.
All of this is a springboard to success in a university with 97% graduate emplyability. So start your professional journey in Sustainability and Environmental Studies at the University of Galway

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Explore our postgraduate programmes

Course Name Cao Code College/school
Environmental Leadership (MSc) College of Science and Engineering
Sustainable Environments (MSc) College of Science and Engineering
Marine and Freshwater Resources: Management (MSc) College of Science and Engineering
Sustainable Resource Management: Policy and Practice, inter-institutional programme (MSc) College of Science and Engineering
Medical Physics (MSc) College of Science and Engineering
Occupational and Environmental Health & Safety (MSc/HDip, full-time/part-time) College of Science and Engineering

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What Our Students Say


Rosni Joyce |   MSc Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety

I graduated in 2023 and am currently working as a safety graduate. My course covered all aspects of occupational health and risk management. Interacting with a diverse group of students fostered an environment that helped me gain a broader perspective about the field. The faculty actively encourages participation in international seminars and conferences, providing a fantastic opportunity to learn from industry experts and connect with professionals in the field. This program has truly opened doors to numerous job opportunities and allowed me to find a career that I find exciting.


This Masters provided me with an opportunity to participate in modules and projects relevant to our changing natural world, addressing environmental concerns such as rising sea levels and pollution. From key skills of communication, problem-solving and management, this course is delivered by excellent lecturers and researchers, providing their students with the education and guidance to progress into a vast range of careers in environmental sectors.


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