Welcome to the Pathway of Biochemistry

Dr Maria Tuohy, Pathway Director of Biochemistry

Welcome to the pathway of Biochemistry at the Unversity of Galway.  Biochemistry as a field seeks to answer the key questions of how life works at the molecular level. Our faculty are engaged in research in many areas of modern biology, linked by studies focused on how the molecules of the body carry out the functions of life. These active research efforts inform and motivate our rich tradition of teaching and innovation as the discipline, established over 50 years ago, continues to be one of the most active in Ireland. Our mission is to provide an excellent environment for learning through research-led teaching in modern Biochemistry, leading to exciting career options for our graduates.

Biochemistry is a cross-cutting foundational discipline of modern life sciences. Blending chemistry, physics and computation at the level of the cell to explain living systems, Biochemistry provides a broad platform for engagement with life science and biotechnologies careers. The faculty  is a diverse and internationally accomplished group of researchers focused on areas such as cancer, chromosome biology, cellular stress, genetic disease and fundamental processes of cells and organisms. You may explore our Research to learn more about the exciting investigations taking place within the Section.

Our Biochemistry programmes from Bachelor to PhD level are internationally recognised and we offer a unique MSc in Cancer Research. Our graduates have a strong track record of employment across many sectors and employers look to us as a key source of skilled personnel. Many of our graduates go on to do advanced postgraduate degrees. Importantly, NUI Galway is ranked in the top 300 in the area of Biological Sciences in the QS World University Subject Rankings.

The Section, its staff and programmes are presented in these pages and we invite you to learn more by navigating this website. We welcome contact from prospective students, research collaborators and industry partners.

                                                                    What is Biochemistry?

We now know the order of the three billion letters of genetic code that make up the human genome. But what do they mean? By solving one question, we have created thousands of new ones. Biochemists seek to unravel the answers.

Biochemistry is the study of the fundamental processes of life at the cellular level. Biochemistry may not give you the answers to the meaning of life, but it can tell you how life works. As a biochemist, you will study the chemical processes that occur within the cells of living organisms. You could use your knowledge of cellular processes and molecular inheritance to combat disease, engineer pest-resistant crops, or develop microorganisms to clean up oil spills. From understanding diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s, to revolutionising forensics through the development of DNA-fingerprinting, biochemistry sits at the heart of modern bioscience in society. 

If you are interested in the biological sciences, have an enquiring mind, and want to understand living processes at a molecular level, then Biochemistry could be the course for you. 

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