Freshers' Fest 2023

Friday & Saturday, 15–16 September 2023  

We are delighted that you have chosen to study at the University of Galway and can’t wait to welcome you to campus on Friday, 15 September. Alongside your formal orientation programme, Freshers’ Fest welcomes you to student life with an exciting, varied weekend of activities. Get to know the lively campus grounds and key facilities, all while joining in the fun and making friends. Freshers’ Fest is an integral part of your orientation, so it's important to come along. Events will start on Friday at the close of your formal programme, and continue all day Saturday into the evening. 

You may be spending time outdoors and covering a lot of ground, so remember to dress for changeable weather and wear comfortable shoes. You can bring a packed lunch and enjoy the atmosphere in one of our covered outdoor areas, or eat in one of our cafés. Keep an eye out for free food available throughout the programme!