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NUI Galway Environmental Society

The NUI Galway Environmental Society primarily acts to promote a more sustainable way of life, both on campus in NUI Galway and locally.

The Environmental Society concerns itself with awareness raising and action around issues pertaining to Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security. The society is closely linked with the CCAFS research platform, which sees scientists, professionals, policy makers, and communities working in concert to adapt to climate change. The society also focuses on issues linked to environmental problems such as capitalism, environmental racism and the protection of indigenous communities.

They aim to promote and engage in local action as well as collaboration with Irish and global organisations that fall under the themes of sustainability, development, climate change agriculture and food security

The Environment Society seeks to inform others, give everyone a platform for their activism, and use their influence to fight against climate change. The society would like to give students in NUI Galway the platform to be involved in local, and global action with regards to climate change and its associated impacts.

Some past events and activities include beach clean ups, documentary screenings and talks.

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NUI Galway Energy Society

The NUI Galway Energy Society aim to plan and establish renewable energy solutions to meet the demand of energy on campus and to increase public outreach and awareness about energy solutions.The society also plans the Green Energy Festival for Galway in the Spring.

The goal of the Energy Society is to use fact-based discussion & open collaboration to develop the understanding & awareness of energy production, consumption & its impacts.

The society hosts talks related to all aspects of energy, whether technological, economic or social. They also foster discussion sessions where members chat about energy research in NUIG and beyond.

The Energy Society hosts an event every year called "The Galway Energy Summit". It takes place in the Bailey Allen Hall on NUI Galway’s campus. This event connects future leaders with current ones, through the discussion of energy and innovation. Students from all backgrounds are welcome to network with some of Ireland's most innovative companies. The fair brings together various industry experts, companies, start-ups, students and lecturers to one venue. This is the ideal situation for students and other delegates to understand and become more knowledgeable of the work being done in industry

Students in NUIG Energy Society

During the academic year 2021/22, Energy Soc organised some fantastic events including Energy Awareness Week,  the Anti-Fast Fashion Show and Galway Environmental Festival.

NUI Galway Organic Gardening Society

The Organic Gardening Society was established in 2010 with the aim of developing a space to grow organic fruit and vegetables on campus. A space was allocated at the rear of No.12 Distillery Road. After much clearing and preparation, four raised beds were installed as well as a fruit border, composting area and small greenhouse. This is the first Organic Garden to be set up in an Irish University Campus.

Members of the society learn to grow their own fruit and vegetables in a sustainable and organic manner. They welcome members of the wider public to participate in the garden as well. The community of gardeners get the chance to meet like-minded people, enjoy the mental and physical benefits of working in an outdoor space and, of course, enjoy the vegetable-shaped benefits of their labour.

students in vegetable garden

NUI Galway Vegan Society

The NUI Galway Vegan society is a community for students who are Vegan, Plant-Based or just interested in a Plant-Based diet. For animal and earth lovers alike!

Check out the Galway Vegan handbook!

reads: compassion, nonviolence, for the people, for the Earth, for the animals.

NUI Galway Young Greens Society

The Young Greens strive to make politics relevant to young people, offering a forum to discuss sustainability policy

students from Young Greens Society at the Society Fair

NUI Galway Botany Society

Botany Soc organises many events throughout the year including guest speakers from many different fields of the botanical world, workshops that take you out into the field, movie nights and excursions to places of particular botanical interest.

Being a member of Botany Soc will give you an insight into the amazing world of plants, highlight the important issues concerning conservation of species and habitats and give you a taste of some of the research that is being carried out in the world of Botany. Workshops hosted by the Botany Society can help you gain valuable skills for potential future careers in the field as well as good wholesome fun!

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Eco Students NUIG

Eco Students NUIG is a working group in NUI Galway working towards a more sustainable campus! The group is open to all students and functions as a direct link between students and the SU (Student’s Union) & CUSP (The Community and University Sustainability Partnership).

reads: NUIG Environmental and Sustainability working group