Our immediate focus has been on supporting affected students and staff. We have reviewed our exchange programmes and do not have students on exchange in either Ukraine, Russia or Belarus. We do not have any current exchange agreements with either Russia or Belarus.

We do have Ukrainian, Russian and Belarussian nationals who are part of our University community. We are seeking to support all of our students, whether full time, visiting or on exchange with us, and staff who are affected by this crisis. We wish to affirm that while we condemn the actions of the Russian government we in no way see this reflecting on any students, staff or members of the Galway community who are connected with Russia. We also recognise the sensitivities and pressures individuals may be experiencing as a result of their family connections in Ukraine and Russia and wish to offer whatever support we can.

Reviewing our relationships

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has prompted us to review our collaborations and connections with Russia. Research engagements and collaborations with Russia and Belarus will be cancelled, consistent with all EU sanctions in this regard.

No research new collaboration with any Russian institution will be approved by NUI Galway


We have reviewed our investments, procurement agreements and financial transactions. No financial engagements with Russia will continue or be initiated.