Prospective Students

We will open up scholarships for Ukrainian refugees wishing to transfer or begin their studies with us at NUI Galway.

We are actively working with the Irish Government to clarify the processes through which we can receive and process applications. A National Steering Committee for Education is being established and a helpdesk is being opened at Maynooth University to support scholars, students and researchers who have fled from Ukraine to Ireland. Further detail is expected to be confirmed soon.

Students scholars and staff who are eligible to apply for places and roles at Irish universities include:

  • Ukrainian and other Third Country Nationals who were permanently residing in Ukraine before February 24, 2022.
  • Nationals of a third country (other than Ukraine) or stateless persons who would have benefited from international protection (e.g. refugee status) or an equivalent national protection status in Ukraine and were residing there before February 24, 2022.
  • Family members of persons covered by the above criteria where the family were already in Ukraine prior to February 24, 2022.



We are committed to supporting academic colleagues in Ukraine. We are signatories to the Scholars at Risk Network and are working with the IUA and the Irish Government to build sanctuary for Ukrainian scholars.