Studying in university can be very exciting, and sometimes challenging.

Whether you’ve just completed the Leaving Certificate, or are an international, mature, or Access student, it takes time to settle in to a new educational environment. You may have moved away from home for the first time or be new to Galway. If you haven’t already, check out the starting university page on the NUI Galway website for some useful advice and information to help you get started. Other great resources to help you find your feet in the early days are your student guide and college orientation guides (available on the University’s orientation page), along with your college’s first-year academic booklet (available from your college’s website).

Give yourself time in the first few days and weeks at NUI Galway to explore the campus, get to grips with your timetable, and figure out where your classes take place (see our guide to finding your classroom). Make sure to log in to your NUI Galway email and Blackboard accounts, and check out the many ways that you can participate in campus life, for example by joining student societies, getting involved in sports and recreation, or volunteering. Most importantly, try to talk to some students on your course and get to know your lecturers and tutors. Many of the connections that you make while studying at NUI Galway will grow into lifelong friendships and sources of support.‌

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  • Independent learning

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  • Understand your course

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  • Find your classroom

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