Is there any change to the booking process?

No, there is no change to the booking process other than you must provide a valid six-digit ID number and cost centre at the time of booking.

Who needs to approve an eInvoice/Credit Note?

eInvoices/Credit Notes will require approval by the booker and the budget holder/nominee(s).

Can an approver appoint a nominee/substitute to approve eInvoices/Credit Notes?

Yes, to request this, the budget holder must send an email to giving the name of the nominee/substitute.

The nominee/substitute will have approval permissions on every eInvoice/Credit Note sent to the Budget Holder (i.e. it is not possible to restrict approval permissions to specific cost centres).

Who needs to approve a Club Travel invoice?

Club Travel invoices will require approval by the booker and the budget holder/nominee(s).

What if the Booker and the Budget Holder are the same person?

In this case, only a single "one step" approval is required.

Do I need a purchase order?

No. Purchase orders are no longer required for Club Travel, Aramark, Masterchef, Café Togo, Corrib Catering, and Student’s Union Commercial Services.

What do I do if the invoice or charge on the invoice is in dispute?

Contact the supplier immediately and only approve the invoice when the Credit Note is received.

Can I print or email an eInvoice/Credit Note?

Yes, an eInvoice/Credit Note can be saved, printed, or emailed.  See How to approve or reject an einvoice or credit note for more details.

What do I do if the Cost Centre is not correct on the eInvoice/Credit Note?

The eInvoice/Credit Note must be rejected in order for Accounts Payable to amend the Cost Centre.  Please note the new Cost Centre in the ‘Comment’ field.  When the Cost Centre is amended the Booker will receive an email notification.

What can I do if the eInvoice/Credit Note expense code is "Travel and Subsistence" (Expense Code 3170) instead of "Triennial Travel Grant" (Expense Code 3171)?

The eInvoice/Credit Note must be rejected in order for Accounts Payable to amend the expense code.  Please note in the ‘Comment’ field that you are requesting the expense code to be changed to Triennial Travel Grant.  When the expense code is amended the Booker will receive an email notification.

How will I know if I have a Credit Note to approve?

The Credit Note will appear on the P2P – EINVOICE/CREDIT NOTE APPROVAL ALERT and in Agresso as a negative amount.  The Credit Note Ref is also different from the eInvoice Ref (e.g. Credit Note Ref - 32700 & eInvoice Ref - 1020300).

Check the browser settings and make sure that Adobe PDF Reader is enabled as an Add-on.  If this does not resolve the issue please log a call at the Service Desk.

How can I view, print, or save an eInvoice/Credit Note after it has been approved for payment?

Run any browser where you would normally review the expenditure of a Discipline Cost Centre or a Research Cost Centre. Double click on the Transaction Number (e.g. 82100013).

This will bring you into a separate screen where the invoice can be viewed, printed, emailed or saved.

What alert or notification will I be getting as a Traveller/Booker/Budget Holder/Nominee?

The Booker / Budget Holder/nominee(s) will receive an email alert to notify them that there is an eInvoice/Credit Note for approval.  This will be sent every morning until the eInvoice/Credit Note is approved.  The Traveller will not receive any notification unless they are also the Booker.