Come along to student, staff and community energy event this Thursday 29th September 2022 from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm.

The event will offer suggestions on how to save energy, energy grants, specialist suppliers etc.

A number of different specialist bodies will be in attendance to give advice and guidance. 

  • Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland ( SEAI) 
  • Energy Auditors and BCAR assessors. 
  • Energy suppliers. 
  • Advice for Sustainable Energy Communities and their journeys to save energy. 
  • Specialist installers, Heat Pumps, Solar PV, Lighting specialists. 
  • Learn how to read your utility bill and get some handy hints. 
  • Free radiator and utility cabinet keys. 
  • Light fitting Swap Shop –bring your old house light bulbs and these will be replaced with new LED fittings.(note max fittings per person is 3 new LED Lights). 
  • Chance to win one of five BCAR assessments for all those that register on the day. 
  • Green Labs at University of Galway 
  • See Research currently underway by postgraduates around Energy Retrofit. 
  • Visit No 9 Distillery Road to view the Retrofit carried out to A2 standard. 

Please come along and get some free advice and goodies.