Ventilation Strategies

Guidance for Ventilation Strategies at University of Galway (Irish and English)

Below is a summary FAQ on the main recurring questions relating to water, toilets, lifts, ventilation. 

Is the water safe in my building to use for washing and drinking?

All water systems serving drinking / cold water have been flushed and tested by specialist contractors. Water storage tanks have been cleaned/sterilised.

Will my building have adequate hot water for handwashing?

All hot water systems have been flushed and cleaned, hot water will be available in all outlets.

Will there be adequate handwashing facilities?

All existing wash hand basins and taps systems have been checked, additional hand washing facilities will be installed throughout campus.

Will handdryers be available?

Handdryers will be available in all toilets, users should rinse off their hands in the wash hand basin and remove excess water before operation of the handdryers.

Will I be able to take a shower on campus?

All shower facilities are operational.

Will toilet facilities be available?

Toilet facilities will be provided on campus, access to toilet blocks is reduced based on current guidance. Users should refer to door signage and follow procedure for use of bathrooms.

Are there any recommendations for using WCs?

It is recommended after using the WC the user should close the lid of the toilet before flushing,this will reduce aerosol movement in the bathroom.

Will heating be ON when we return to campus?

The heating season is from 1st October 2022 to start of May 2023, the requirement for heating is monitored through Building Management System.

Can I use an electric heater?

It is recommended that all electric heaters are removed as they cause the air in the spaces to dry up and give false reading to the Building Management system, they are also a high fire risk. If you have a problem with your radiator please log a request on Pemac Assets.

Will air conditioning be working in my office or building?

Air Conditioning installed in buildings has been maintained and is operating correctly, the existing controls have been adjusted by specialist contractor and should not be altered. Alterations should be logged on Pemac Assets.

Is there extraction in toilets?

All internal toilets have mechanical extraction installed, air is extracted from the space via grilles and ducted to outside.
External toilet blocks with windows, the windows in these spaces will be open to allow for additional make up air.

Do I have ventilation in my office?

Most offices on campus are located on external walls with windows.  It is, therefore, recommended that windows are opened in the office and the door to the corridor is left open during occupation, this will allow for cross flow ventilation in the space.

How does the ventilation work in offices?

All mechanical ventilation air handling units have been adjusted to provide 100% fresh air and 100% extract air out of the room or space. It is recommended that grilles are not blocked or closed by occupants. Ventilation systems are monitored by the Building Management systems and adjustments will be made automatically. It is also recommended in these space if windows are available they should be open as well.

Note: due to the increase in air volumes there maybe some noise from the grilles.

How does the mechanical ventilation work in lecture theatres?

All internal lecture theatres are supplied by Air Handling Units providing fresh air to the spaces and also providing heating and cooling. The air to the space is 100% fresh air and 100% extract air, airflow is based on CO2 levels and these have been adjusted in line with industry standards. 

Can I use the lifts?

The lifts have been designated with occupancy levels. In special circumstances students/staff registered with Disability Office that require assistance will be risk assessed and should liaise with the Disability Office.

Can I use drinking water fountains?

Drinking water fountains have been cleaned and sterilised, all water fountains connected to water supplies will be turned on for the start of the new semester. There are a mixture of touch and sensor types but users should ensure good hygiene when using the units.

Can I use electrical appliances in my office?

Occupants can only use equipment provided for carrying out their role on campus. It is not permitted to use kettles, microwaves, electric heaters, toasters in offices or write up areas.

Can I use kitchenettes?

Kitchenettes will be restricted to the use of kettles only. Cooking  or heating facilities are not permitted under current Public health guidance.

Can I use car charging points?

Car Charging points will be available for use on campus. Follow guidelines of handwashing after operating the connectors.

Is the fire alarm working?

The fire alarm systems on campus have been maintained and checked by the specialist contractors, all systems are operational.

Will there be fire drills during the first semester?

It is proposed to carry out fire drills during the first semester, further details will be issued.