Studying Outside the EU

Students who wish to study outside the European Union may do so at one of several partner institutions in Australia, Canada, China and the United States. Students wishing to avail of these opportunities will spend usually a full academic year at the partner institution, and will earn an 'international' designation for their degree. The results obtained at the partner institution will not usually count towards the calculation of the degree.

Students from the following programmes can apply: 

Student Exchange 2022/2023

An application form to participate in the student exchange programme in the coming academic year will be made available here with the deadline in for applications in February 2022.

What about the subject requirement for the professions?

Students intending to proceed to a professional qualification (Law Society of Ireland (solicitors) or King's Inns (barristers)) should know that they must pass their compulsory subjects in NUI, Galway. Such students should ensure that they have taken most if not all of their core subjects before they go abroad, or that they will be in a position to take them on their return.


Students going to a partner institution pay their fees for NUI Galway and do not pay fees to the host University.  The School recommends that you explore associated costs for each destination before application.

When to apply?

A preliminary meeting of students interested in going abroad in the following academic year will be arranged in the spring term. An information session will be held and brochures and application forms distributed. These forms must be returned by the given date so that places can be allocated before the exam period. Students will then be advised as to the necessary steps to take. In the meantime, first-hand information on the schemes can be obtained by talking to NUI, Galway students who have availed of them in previous years or by talking to visiting students from the various universities who are studying at NUI, Galway at present.

Where can I go?

The School of Law has a number of links with first-class universities in different parts of the world. To help guide you, check our testimonial page for videos from students who studied abroad in previous years.




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