New Approaches to Teaching Data Science

Aug 21 2023 Posted: 14:52 IST

Data science is increasingly important, and teaching it to students outside of traditional disciplines is valuable.

Dr Rónán Kennedy and Dr Abigail Rekas of University of Galway School of Law are working on 3G4P: Towards a Göttingen-Groning-Galway Perspective on the digital revolution, involving colleagues in those institutions as part of the ENLIGHT project. With the digital revolution, data science is becoming an increasingly important tool in developing responses to various challenges. However, its successful application often hinges of the ability of data scientists and experts from various fields to work hand in hand.

Students in many  disciplines often struggle with statistical approaches themselves, while STEM/statistics students can lack skills for symbiotic teamwork with diverse partners. This project will tackle this problem by developing open educational resources (OER) on the basis of H5P (an open source content collaboration framework) which will enable cross-disciplinary learning  – by considering  policy responses to three key challenges – to climate change, workplace stress, and access to justice – through the eyes of three disciplines – statistics, psychology and law. The course materials thus developed will be opened under a CC BY 4.0 licence and used in a pilot course for three years entailing roughly 30 students per university. 


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