5th International Disability Law Summer School 2013

Jun 17 2013 Posted: 09:00 IST

The largest and best attended Summer School on international disability law again brought together leading international activists, policy-influencers and others connected with the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.  The summer school rann from 17 June to 22 June in Aras Moyola, NUI Galway. The theme this year was VOICE (restoring full legal capacity) and CHOICE (achieving community living in accordance with the wishes and preferences of the person). 

The programme had many practical exercises to get participants thinking about the meaning of the convention and its practical relevance, with a teaching faculty drawn from around the world and includes many involved in drafting the convention.  Participants came from over 20 countries including Africa and Asia, which is a learning opportunity in itself. 

For more details and photographs of the summer school, please visit the CDLP's website.



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