'Developing Clinical Legal Education in Ireland' Conference

Donncha O'Connell, Larry Donnelly and Kevin Kerrigan pictured at the launch of the conference
Apr 29 2013 Posted: 11:10 IST

The School of Law, NUI Galway and the Public Interest Law Alliance (PILA) hosted a conference entitled, "Developing Clinical Legal Education in Ireland" on Friday 26th & Saturday 27th April 2013. The conference served as the launch of the newly-formed Irish Clinical Legal Education Association (ICLEA). The Irish Clinical Legal Education Association will seek to enhance and expand clinical legal education programmes in law schools in Ireland by providing a forum to share experiences and foster collaboration; by lobbying collectively for necessary resources; and by ensuring optimum international engagement with clinical legal educators in other jurisdictions.

This conference brought together experienced and emerging clinical legal practitioners, academics, clinical partners (e.g., NGOs, solicitors, barristers, state/quasi-state bodies) and students to explore the emergence and assess the future potential of clinical legal education in Ireland.

Larry Donnelly, Lecturer and Director of Clinical Legal Education in the School of Law, NUI Galway, was elected the first President of the Irish Clinical Legal Education Association (ICLEA). He wrote a piece for the Irish Times on 6 May on the conference.


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